Bioline Ear Care 50ml

About The Product

With Special Dropper For Easily Using.Cleans And Cares For The Ears.Deodorant.In Case Of Ear Dirt Or Wax Put A Few Dropps Of The Ear Care Into The Outer Ear. 【Itching And Remove Taste】Natural Formula, Mild Moisturizing, Pets Are Free From Ear Diseases, Clear Earwax, Itching And Remove Taste, Cleansing Ear Canal To Prevent Ear Odor. 2. It Is Mainly Used For The Prevention Of Various Ear Canal Inflammation Caused By Bacteria, Fungi, And Deafness. 【Wide Application】It Is Suitable For Dogs And Cats, Dissolves Ear Canal Secretions, And Has The Functions Of Improving Ear Canal Environment, Cleaning, Sterilization, Antibacterial, Deworming, Astringent And Relieve Itching. 【Can Be Used In Young Pets, During Pregnancy】It Does Not Contain Antibiotics And Hormones. It Can Be Used In Young Pets, During Pregnancy And During Lactation. (Active Fat Can Rapidly React With Cells In The Pathogenic Microorganisms Through Physical Penetration And Rapidly Change The Ph Value Of Pathogenic Microorganisms And Destroy The Biological Activity Of Pathogens, And Directly Kills.) 【User Guidance】: 1. Detection: Check If There Is Red Or Black Secretion In The Dog’S Ear. 2. Instillation: Drip 3-5 Drops Of Ear Cleansing Liquid, Massage The Ear By Hand, Let The Ear Cleaner Fully Exert The Decontamination Effect. 3. Wipe: Wipe The Ear With A Cotton Swab And Poke The Ear Wax Out. 4. Cleaning: Pour The Ear Cleaner On The Cotton And Clean The Dog’S Ears With Cotton. 5. Shake Ear: It Is Normal For Dogs To Habitually Shake Their Ears After Being Dripped With Ear Cleaner 【Clean, Disinfect And Soothe For Life】Don’T Use Anything But The Most Effective Dog Ear Cleaner And Treatment! No More Smelly, Painful And Irritated Ears. And Don’T Just Use When Your Dog Has Issues. Our Formulas Are Safe And Soothing For Long Term Use. Keep Your Dog’S Ears Pain Free, Clean And Healthy For A Lifetime


20 AED

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