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  • Imac Carry Sport Second Life Plastic Carrier, 50.5×44.5x35cm Sage Green

Imac Carry Sport Second Life Plastic Carrier, 50.5x44.5x35cm Sage Green

About The Product

Imac Carry Sport Second Life Plastic Carrier Sage Green 50.5×44.5x35cm is a practical travel basket made entirely of environmentally friendly, recycled plastic, suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets. Second Life Plastic is a revolution in the environmentally friendly production of pet supplies. The articles of Imac Second Life are made of high quality plastic, made from recycled and cleaned household waste. The products themselves are also recyclable, so that the production of these items causes much less emissions and burden on the environment.

This transport box is made to transport cats, rodents or small dogs. This travel basket has a sporty look and does not contain a lattice door. The door at the front is made of plastic and is transparent. Your pet can see what is happening in front of him through this transparent door. Thanks to all ventilation holes, your pet gets enough fresh air and daylight. There is a handle on top of this travel basket, which makes it easy to lift the box.

– Practical travel basket for the dog, cat or rabbit..small pets

– Entirely made of recycled, environmentally friendly plastic

– Transparent door provides sufficient visibility on the road

– With ventilation holes in box and door for sufficient air circulation

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85 AED

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